DbTrento Private Area

This is a shared space for the members of the DbTrento Group.

This page containes the Calendar of Reserved machines, that shows which servers are currently booked or will be booked in the future. The DbTrento calendar of events, showing talks and seminars organized by and for the group. And finally, the view of a shared folder on the academic Google Drive space, where anybody can share iformative material and slides

DbTrento meetings:
Calendar of Seminars
Servers Reservation System:
Shared File for Reservations
Shared Files
Google Drive folder.

Calendar of Reserverd Machines

The Calendar of Reserved machines shows which servers are currently busy or are booked in the future. Machines can be booked for days in exclusive or shared mode. To book one of the machines you can add your reservaion entry in the Shared File for Reservations and then from the top menu you can update the calendar.

There is no third party control on the reservations and the file, so please be careful when you insert your reservation


Calendar of Seminars

Files Repository

You can find a list of useful files below. Those are mainly slides for presentations. You can also directly access the Google Drive folder. Please request access to the folder to upload.