When to say NO to protect Privacy when answering Queries

by prof. Christoph Freytag, Berlin Humboldt-Universit├Ąt

October 8th 2013 @ 14:00, in Serraia

In this invited talk prof. Christoph Freytag will present his work about

When to say NO to protect Privacy when answering Queries


This talk presents privacy concepts that keep the balance between utility and privacy when returning answers to a sequence of queries. In particular we show how to model the (increasing) knowledge of an adversary resulting from the answers to queries by a sequence of bipartite graphs. Those provide the foundation for deciding when a privacy breach occurs (might occur) and how to balance the need for accurate responses versus the right for privacy. Examples demonstrate the intricacies of managing this trade-off.


Johann-Christoph Freytag is currently full professor for Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) at the Computer Science Department of the Humboldt-Universit├Ąt zu Berlin, Germany.

Before joining the department in 1994, he was a research staff member at the IBM Almaden Research Center (1985-1987), a researcher at the European Computer-Industry-Research Centre (ECRC, in Munich, Germany, 1987-1989), and the head of Digital's Database Technology Center (also in Munich, 1990-1993). He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science from Harvard University, MA.