Introduction to concepts of Information Visualization research, and ties to data management

by Anastasia Bezerianou, Universite Paris-Sud, Paris (France)

November 17th 2017 @ 10:00, in Room B105 - Povo 2


This talk will first introduce the domain of Information Visualization, covering motivations, definitions and basic concepts in the domain. Next it will provide a brief overview of research challenges and recent trends in the field, including progressive visualization approaches for handling vast amounts of data, new methodologies for evaluating visualizations with users, and novel visualization platforms. The talk will conclude with thoughts about the connection between the domains of visualization and data management.


Anastasia Bezerianos is an assistant professor at Univ Paris-Sud, France.

Her research interests include interaction and visualization designs for large displays, visual perception and user evaluation. She also teaches these topics in the two international Masters on Human-Computer Interaction in Univ Paris-Sud that she is responsible for. Anastasia received her PhD in Computer Science from U. of Toronto, Canada in 2007, and has served in the program committee of ACM CHI, ACM UIST, IEEE VIS/InfoVis, IEEE PacificVis. More information can be found at

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