Data Normalization

by Matteo Lissandrini, University of Verona, Italy

November 23rd - December 18th, 2023, in Room A211 - Povo 1


In this seminar series we will talk about the theory of functional dependencies, thbeir relationship to keys and how they can be used to design database schemas correctly. We will introduce the idea of normal forms and we will present the definition and properties of two representative normal forms: The BCNF and the 3NF. The series consists of 4 lectures:

  • 1. Functional Dependencies, Keys and Closures (Nov 23th @ 15:30)
  • 2. BCNF Normalization (Nov 24th @ 8:30)
  • 3. The 3rd Normal Form (Nov 30th @ 15:30)
  • 4. Key finding and Normalization hands-on (Dec 1st @ 8:30)
  • 5. Hands-on (Dec 18th @ 8:30)


Matteo Lissandrini is a professor at the University of Verona working on data management, data exploration and knowledge management.

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